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Why Pittsburgh?

Why I’m Leaving: Pittsburgh is a Constant Uphill Battle

Clare Polke, formerly of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, articulates why Pittsburgh isn't a very welcoming place for people of color.
Where others saw a city of bridges, I saw a city with minimal tolerance for outsiders.

Why I Stay: Sustaining an Artist’s Life in Pittsburgh

1839 staff writer Tameka Cage Conley reflects on Pittsburgh as the birthplace of her writing life.

Why I’m Leaving: Fighting Just to Exist

1839 staff writer Brandon Small is leaving Pittsburgh when he graduates from Pitt because he doesn't want to have to fight for space to just exist.

Why I Came: For An Activist Academic, Opportunities Abound

Robert Morris University professor LD Crittenden shares why he's bullish on The Burgh, "the land of opportunity for Blerds, Blipsters and other Bougie Black People."