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3rd Annual Galaxy Ball: Voodoo Happening This Weekend

Dress up, duckwalk, be fabulous, be yourself, get tested, and get fierce this weekend as Pittsburgh's vibrant ballroom community hosts the 3rd annual Galaxy Ball: Voodoo.

This Week in Pittsburgh: Cocktails, Afrobeat, and a Voodoo Ball

Sean Beauford curates what should be on your must-do list this week including duck walks and death drops, soul music and afrobeat, wine and words, and high art.

Rebirth of the Crossroads II: Planning for the Future of Arts in The Hill

What does a vibrant, impactful arts and culture community look like in the Hill? Yvonne McBride talks with the Hill District arts plan advisory committee about the legacy, present, and future of the arts in this historic neighborhood.

Concern for the Neighborhood I Love: The Future of the “New” East Liberty

With so much giddiness and excitement around "revitalization" and "development" in East Liberty, 1839 publisher janera solomon asks, "Where's deeper thinking about art, public space, and community?"

More in Pittsburgh

A Little Bit of Home

Photographer Christopher Erick shows his appreciation for Pittsburgh's architecture, vibrancy, and resilience the best way he knows how.

The Ballad of Broad Street

Every time I hear The Ohio Players’ “Heaven Must Be Like This” it must be liiiiike this - it takes me back to the early eighties and relay races on Broad Street. Just after the beginning of school, but right before the chill sets in the air...Indian summers. Ashy thin legs in short-shorts thrashing down the street...