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Dance is a Portal to the Ancestors: A Look at Jean-Paul Weaver

Dance artist Jean-Paul Weaver is enjoying a much deserved season of success a year after coming to Pittsburgh to continue his hard-won journey to dance anthropologist.

Unique Perspectives: A Look at Sean Beauford

While at first Sean Beauford shied away from the term "curator," the young artist is now putting his own twist on the title.

Son of the Boogie: The Passion, Community, and Art of Jason Mendez

A Penn Avenue Creative Fellowship awakened Jason Mendez's desire to be a writer. Now this PhD transplant from the Bronx to the 'Burgh (by way of North Carolina) has set his sights on a memoir and one-man show about his life in the Boogie Down.

Observing the Wider Universe Through Hip Hop: A Look at Jonathan Moody

A true son of Afrika Bambataa's Planet Rock, Jonathan Moody's poetry is a mixtape to his son, our broken world, and Tupac

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